DRDO hand over second ‘NETRA’ (AEWC) aircraft to Air Force.

-NH Desk, Delhi

The Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) has handed over the second air alert aircraft, NETRA, to the Indian Air Force. NETRA, an Airborne Early Warning, and Control (AEWC) aircraft, is useful for monitoring, tracking, identifying and classifying airborne, sea-surface targets and detecting incoming ballistic missile threats.

Netra played a brilliant role during the Balakot airstrike conducted by the Indian Air Force in February this year. It provided surveillance and radar coverage to five Mirage aircraft bombing terrorist launch pads at Balakot in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan.

What type of aircraft is Awake?

AWACS, an abbreviation for Airborne Warning and Control Systems, a mobile, long-range radar monitoring and control centre for air defence. The system, as developed by the US Air Force, is housed in a specially modified Boeing 707 aircraft.

DRDO has already begun testing the stationary radar dome at the top of a building to test new radars developed for the AWACS INDIA program. India is yet to sign an agreement for the purchase of the Airbus A-330 wide-body jet due to high procurement costs, due to which the entire program is unlikely to materialize before 2025, leading to the upgraded Airbus C295 Netra is introduced as IAF. Interim solution after a great performance at Balakot airstrip. The IAF’s long-pending search for two more AWACS to be mounted on the Russian Ilyushin-76 based on the Israeli Falcon’s warning is also pending due to the increased price by both Israel and Russia, which made the SAAF dependent on only 3 Falcons. Is forced to do. AWACS was purchased first. The second NETRA aircraft is still not inducted into the Indian Air Force due to the changes and improvements asked by the IAF. DRDO also plans to offer Airbus C295 variant for the Indian Navy for anti-sea patrol and anti-submarine warfare operations. Two Netra AEW & Cs developed by DRDO are mounted on Embraer ERJ 145 platforms purchased from Embraer Aerospace Company of Brazil and a third Netra AEW & C will be retained by DRDO for development of AWACS INDIA and in Netra AEW & C radar package And will be upgraded.

(This Story is done by Mr Ankit Yadav, Special Reporter, NH)

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