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Regional Science City, Lucknow in association with Ground Water Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is celebrating Ground Water Week during 16th to 22nd July, 2019 which started on 16.7.2019 with a series of events. Today, 3rd day of the celebration was started with a Debate Contest on “Ground Water and its Sustainable Future” in which 59 students participated enthusiastically and the event was witnessed by more than 300 students as audiance.  Apart from above, a Puppet show on “Importance of Water & its Conservation” was also organized for participants and general public.  This programme was conducted by Hariom Puppet Group, Lucknow in which the experts team presented the puppet show on water conservation in very interesting manner. 

Students learned about the Art of growing plants without soil (Hydroponics)

During the Groundwater Week Celebration today a Workshop on Hydroponics was organized which was conducted by Dr. Anand Akhila, Former Senior Scientist, CIMAP, Lucknow.  During the workshop, Dr. Akhila showed a live demonstration on how to grow plants and vegitables without soil with minimal water consumption. Through this technique, plants can be protected from dangerous pestisides and fertilizers. In this workshop about 100 students and general public participated enthusiastically and learned on the art of hydroponics in detail.   

Ground Water Awareness programme for rural school in Gosainganj

As a part of the Groundwater Week Celebration programme an extensive awaress programme on Ground Water Awareness was specially organzied for the students in rural areas in Rampal Inter College, Gosainganj, Lucknow.  In this awareness programme, Dr. B. B. Trivedi, Ex-Senior Scientist, Ground Water Department UP and Dr. R.A. Yadav, Manager, Jag Nigam, Lucknow explained the students on different methods for conservation of water in detail.  They emphasized and stressed on saving of every drop of water and asked students to formulate innovative ways for its conservation.  A total of 1000 students and general public participated enthusiastically in these events at Mohanlalganj, Lucknow.

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