Environment,Pollution and We, A Navodayan couple’s mission

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On 31 October 2018, Mrs Pratibha Singh wrote her first “Environment, Pollution and Hum”. Special chapters of that book gave a brief introduction on related topics like environment and development, plastic pollution, environment and citizenship and other topics. In this episode, after the hard work of the last two years, another book (Let’s move towards Being Plastic Free – One Thought Solution to Beat Plastic Pollution)was dedicated to everyone.

About the authors

Pratibha Singh is MSc, MTech, UGC-NET & PhD* in Environment. Graduate in Botany & Education and PG in Chemistry. She has worked as an environmental engineer in different capacities in various industrial units and also served as a faculty in Engineering and Management College and also worked as honorary speaker/ expert on the environment issues in various National as well as International seminars and TV shows. She has written a book Environment, Pollution and Us to create environmental awareness in the society. Her mission One Thought Solution to Beat Plastic Pollution with this book will make everyone in the society aware of problems with plastic use and tell how to get freedom from them by playing suitable role.


Om Pal Singh is a telecom engineer by profession and MBA, having almost 17 years of experience as a technical trainer and spent his time in India and abroad experiencing the life styles of the people analyzing the amount and pattern of plastic use in different parts of the country for their routine and other activities.  He has published many papers in reputed journals. Apart from his technical session, he spent most of his time with needy people of the society and tries to work for saving mother earth from the menace of plastic devil.

Let’s move towards  Being Plastic Free!!!

One Thought Solution to Beat Plastic Pollution

About the book

This book is the story from being Plastiphilic (love for plastics items) few years back to Plastimanic (Craziness for plastic) with full Plastipendency (Plastic Dependency) with a big risk of Plasticimea (Death by plastic use) for everyone. World is working widely to curb plastic pollution but it’s not happening in true sense. Become plastindependent knowing ill effects of the plastic use in our life. Role of an individual becomes very important alongwith responsibilities on plastic generators and authorities making us single use plastic free by 2022. Author, has put all the efforts to make the book worth reading by quoting various practical examples and success stories ( 34 such stories), which will give you feel like this book is all about you and you are the main character of the book along with your companions Shona, Mishti, Omi and Pratibha.

Om Pal Singh
Navodayans Heights

Navodayan heights doing wonderful job by making the people around aware of many such things which are vey rare.. they are really great team… navodayans always rock wherever they are.. our blessings for the team..

7 months ago

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