Top Heart Shaped Islands in the World


Have you ever daydreamed about an island’s shape? Probably not, and this is likely to be the last thing you would think about when planning your holidays.
There are oval, long, narrow, or round-shaped islands but… would you have ever imagined that heart-shaped islands existed, too? Well, they actually do!
You might think it’s cheesy but a romantic or sunset cruise along the coast of such islands with a nice cool drink on your hands might be exactly what you need to make your sea adventure the one of a lifetime. We have chosen the best heart-shaped islands for you and all you have to do now is pick the one you want to visit during your next boat trip!

Galesnjak Island, Croatia 

This island, known as the island of love, has a perfect heart shape. It is located in the Adriatic Sea, in the Pasman canal, together with other 300 between islands and islets, belonging to the Zarantino Archipelago. Surrounded by crystal waters of many different shades of turquoise, this is a private island owned by a travel agent who turned it into a treasure. The island is uninhabited and is covered in lush green vegetation; with its 1.5 km long coasts and a maximum altitude of 36m – from which natural pools and coves can be admired – it is a big attraction for lots of curious tourists, who come to visit the island every year.

Oceania: the Fiji Islands: Tavarua Island

Fiji features 322 islands and 522 islets, among which Tavarua island, the island in the shape of a heart. White beaches, crystal waters, luxuriant vegetation could definitely be the ingredients of a sentimental recipe but wait: visitors are only admitted by invitation, since this island is a real surfers’ paradise, and thus it is run by a private club, that also organises various sorts of events during the year. You can still fly over it and sail near it of course.

Oceania: Polynesia: Tupai Atoll

The marvellous Tupai Atoll, that is part of the Îles-sous-le-Vent, is surrounded by a wide heart-shaped coral reef enclosing a few square meters wide low lagoon. In addition to enjoying the place’s mesmerizing atmosphere, in August and November, it is possible to catch sight of large pods of migratory whales, which might also find the love of their life!

Salento, Italy

It was during the production of a documentary shot with a drone, that locals noticed the real shape of this island, right off the coast of the Malva’s cliff.
The videomaker’s skills and curiosity made it possible to admire the place from a new point of view, and discover this romantic surprise. You would think by now we know the earth and the seas inside out… Apparently there is much more to discover!

Australia: The Heart Reef, Lady Musgrave, Wilson Island and the  Rockhampton Island.

Being one of the most fascinating places in the world, Australia could obviously has its heart-shaped island, too! More than one, actually: the Heart Reef, Lady Musgrave, Wilson Island and the  Rockhampton Island. Off the Whitsundays island there is a coral barrier reef that has the shape of… a heart! (Duh) The Atoll of the Great Barrier Reef is a protected island, where landing is not allowed. It is only possible to admire it from above, maybe while reaching your honeymoon destination.
Lady Musgrave Island is the second island of the Great Barrier Reef and is part of the Tropic of Capricorn. This island, surrounded by the Cays Capricornia National Park, takes its name from the wife of the Queensland’s colonial governor but is also known as Wallaginji, the way in which the local aboriginal tribes named it, meaning splendid Great Coral Barrier.The Wilson Island is located north of the Tropic of Capricorn, in the Cays Capricornia National Park and is also part of the Australian Great Coral Barrier. Reach the top to admire luxuriant forests, white beaches and crystal waters, where giant turtles could be your swimming friends.

Harbour Island, United States

This heart-shaped islet is located in Maine, more precisely in Brooksville: quite an unusual location if compared to the tropical landscapes surrounding other similar islands. Harbour island is the property of a private association, whose aim is to preserve the unspoiled natural beauty of the island. It is nevertheless a very popular destination, in particular in summertime, when people escape from busy city life to chill out in peace and tranquillity. Maine is the state where Cabot Cove, the small village famous for lobsters and Murder She Wrote, is located. In case you were wondering.


Famous for being an undisputed honeymoon destination, the legend says Mother Nature decided to sanctify Maldives by giving them the shape of a heart, white sands and the magic Indian Ocean touching to wash its shores. The perfect combination for your unforgettable dream vacation. Does this island exist in the real world or just in fairy tales? Follow the link to find the answer: find the island